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Water level chart

Web services offered by the Canadian Hydrographic Service

*** New *** Public REST-API programming interface to access official water level data

You can now use a REST-API programming interface to access the new CHS National Water Level Database and develop your own applications according to your respective needs and requirements. This interface is a very efficient replacement of the current SOAP interface for accessing data from the WDS services.

Web service providing access to water level SPINE forecasts

A Web-based water level forecasting and interpolation service, called SPINE, is available for the St. Lawrence River area between Montreal and St-Joseph-de-la-Rive. This service was developed by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) and is available free of charge under licence.

Web services providing access to official data for navigating modelled surface currents

The Canadian Hydrographic Service has developed three web-based modelled surface currents. The first produces dynamic images of the data according to the specified parameters. The second one is a WFS that recovers the raw data behind the images, and the third is a WCS that recovers raw data from only the raster layers. These web services are also available free of charge, under licence.

Please feel free to contact CHS at with your comments on the use of these tools.